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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) planning and implementation has become a central goal of organizations across multiple industries. However, many organizations do not have the resources or capacity to hire and properly support a full-time Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) to facilitate the complexities of DEI work. DEI work is filled with nuances, intricacies, and other unknown organizational systems that are challenging even for a skilled practitioner. 

The best employers care for and are responsive to their employees’ needs. As a business, it is easy to get frustrated and turn to HR or Legal departments to find answers for DEI efforts. But often, they can make even more of a headache for businesses because those teams are not the solution for a leading DEI organizational strategy. This is where our Fractional CDOs come to the rescue. We help develop and align inclusive strategic efforts across all departments to enhance organizational culture.

Common organizational failures facilitating DEI:


  • This important topic can be led internally by someone in addition to the work they are already doing (e.g., HR, Legal, Finance, etc.)
  • A CDO is hired and expected to develop the strategy with limited or no resources

How can Contractual CDO Services help my organization?

Fractional CDOs provide your organization with access to DEI professionals and services without the need for someone in that role full-time. Over 50% of Fortune 500 companies have a Chief Diversity Officer, but it’s not always economically feasible, with an average salary of $230,000 a year. 

Avoid the fringe benefits and administrative costs of an employee and secure a strategic partner focused on delivering DEI solutions. Our team of consultants at Exodus Consulting Group are inclusion strategists with experience supporting a variety of industries. They know the subtleties and can help your organization navigate the DEI terrain. They are prepared as an executive partner that is committed to threading DEI into your organization. 

Contact us to discuss how we can develop and facilitate your DEI strategy and support your organization’s success.

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